The All-In-One Solution to Connect Instantly.

WIRELESSLY share & load your Digital App Page INSTANTLY with a Tap or Scan from any mobile device.

What is Included?

A Responsive Progressive Web App that works on all devices.
Replaces the need for business cards as well as adaptable to work as a mini website, landing page or mobile app. Saving hundreds even thousands of dollars. Professionally & Custom Developed.

Comes with FREE Wireless Phone Tap Sticker & Tap Card. (limited time)
Instantly connect and share your app page/digital card wirelessly with a single Tap to most mobile devices!

All Cards come with your own Dynamic QR Code. 
Why dynamic QR Codes better than a Standard Static one? Dynamic QR Codes can be set to be directed to any link meaning that if your domain or platform changes you can keep the QR to always be the same and change the link it is directed to.

Save and share like a native mobile app
These progressive web apps can be saved to any mobile device just like you would as any mobile app. Best part is that you do not need to go to an app store to download them and bypass this step completely. You can also easy share your app to anyone you please and doing so is a breeze!

Full access to edit your entire web app/mini website.

Have on going updates, features, promotions or specials that need changed out. No problem. Our apps allow you to change our your images or text areas on the fly as often as you need to! It's as easy as filling out a form to make edits!



Your customers have the ability to view what they want safely and instantly from their own devices!


We have unique Dynamic QR Codes and Links that make connecting to your page instant, simple and safe.


No More Printed Cards to hand out that end up getting lost or thrown away. Saving you and our environment costly resources.

(Available Soon!)

Business Cards can't tell you how well they are preforming like our Smart Cards can. They help collect data that will benefit and help grow your business.


Your Digital Card can be shared and saved an endless amount of times for not additional costs. With physical cards it one and done.


Leave the work to our professionals. We understand you have ENOUGH to do. We'll have you up and running in no time at all and as little as one weeks time!


These are built for the mobile phones but they also look great on tablets and desktops or any mobile device that has internet access and is connected. 


Getting to know and understand who you are is a breeze as well as being able to connect instantly.


These card can be set up to help generate leads for your business. We help business do this with our system all the time with our simple opt-in forms! Saving you hundreds and even thousands!


Not sure how your potential customer would like to connect with you? Your digital card gives them the freedom to they decide what works best for them!


We've created Digital Smart Cards for all types of industries. If you have a running business we believe you need a digital smart card!


You have full access to your digital cards so that YOU are able to change out as often as you'd like easily on the fly. Making changes instantly and as simple as filling and editing a form!

Our Digi Cards Work For ANY INDUSTRY!

NO MORE NEED for printed business cards that often get left behind!
Offer your customers an instant way to access everything they need to from the safety of their own mobile device and will go with them where ever they go!


Just Scan to View or Click on the Digi-Smart Card Link Provided below:

- PAM KLIM LIVE Example -


- Massage School Live Example -


How Strong Is Your Online Platform?

Lets face it, the main reason you want an online platform is so people are able to connect and get to know you and find you online as easily as possible!


Why Then Spend Hundreds or even Thousands of dollars on business cards, a website and an app when you can have the ALL in One solution with 1 single application?

Get ready to shift and REVOLUTIONIZE how you show off your business and stand above your competitors with the latest tech to get all eyes on you!

We believe every business owner should have what we have. So much so we have priced to make this as affordable as possible! Please know, we have charged hundreds and even thousands of dollars for very similar services because of the amount of work and detail we put into every single one of our web apps. We recognize how critical this type of service is in this new age of being able to do business effectively. It is why we have chosen to priced so inexpensively!

We even have come up with two types of payment options to best suit your needs to make it even more affordable and reasonably price. Do know these prices won't last forever so get this rate while you can!

Select which option suits you best:

Monthly Plan

Reg $695.95 Setup Fee

Currently only $359.95 Setup! - SAVE $366!


Get a Professionally Designed Digital Smart Card and pay monthly with a small setup fee of only $359.95 for a limited time.

  • Image Header/Logo
  • Quick Connect Buttons
  • Custom Quick Link Buttons
  • Endless Sliders with text sections
  •  Map with directions
  • Hours placement
  • 12 Gallery Images
  • 100% Editable Image/Text areas.
  • Save to Screen Icon Creation
  • FREE for a limited time only Tap Card and Phone Sticker ($49 Value!)

Secure Payment.

Yearly Plan

  Reg $695.95 Setup Fee! SAVE $546

$149 Setup - For a limited time only!


Get a Professionally Designed Digital Smart Card and pay yearly saving you the $149.95 setup fee for a limited time only.

  • Image Header/Logo
  • Quick Connect Buttons
  • Custom Quick Link Buttons
  • Endless Sliders with text sections
  •  Map with directions
  • Hours placement
  • 12 Gallery Images
  • 100% Editable Image/Text areas.
  • Save to Screen Icon Creation
  • FREE for a limited time only Tap Card and Phone Sticker! ($49 Value!)

Secure Payment.


Order Your Digital Smart Card

Simple order process with the choice of paying monthly or save money by purchasing for the year. 



Upload Your Business Details

We have a simple quick form for you to fill out so our team knows just how to get started.


Our Team of Professionals Will Create Your Digital Smart Card.

You will be connected directly with a member of our team to work with you through the process of setting up to  make sure you get exactly what you want.


Approve and Receive Your Digital App & Wireless Contact Card and Tag

You will receive a confirmation email when it's done with your very own link and dynamic qr code file for immediate use and have physical card and tag mailed to you that will be preloaded with your new app. 

The Ultimate Grow Kit

This marketing combo is like nothing you've seen before. It has all the elements to help take your business to the next level.

We give you an incredible professionally designed online platform tied to the most amazing tech that allows you to easily be able to share out with everyone around you! What more could you possibly ask for! It's your Business Card, Website, Mobile App all in ONE!

Frequently Asked Questions

WHat Payment Methods Do you Provide?

Secured Payments are made through PayPal and Stripe which you are able to pay with any major Credit or Debit Card.

WHat Happens after payment?

You will receive confirmation that your services have been paid for. We will have also requested details we need to get started with this from you can find here. We will have someone from our team reach out to you directly if there are any further questions on the customizing and setup of your digital smart card. 

How long until I will receive my digital smart card?

Please note these pages are created by scratch by professional web designers that have several years of experience to make these very polished and high functioning web apps. We typically will have our standard apps done in 7 business days. In cases of a large in flex of orders it may take up to 14 business days and timing is determined with direct communication with our clients and how fast we can receive everything to complete the order.

Our order forms do help speed up the process once it is filled out. Once done it is only a matter of approval by you! 

Where do i go for support or questions?

You can currently go to our contact page found here or email us at

WHat do I do with my qr code?

We will email you a print quality image of your qr code to be able to use on all your marketing materials. We suggest that you place your qr code and link anywhere you can possibly place it. They are ideal as window decals, stickers and to be placed on product labels and packaging. The placement of it as open to how creative you can be for placement. Feel free to contact us if you'd like some more ideas on how to get your app page out there and in the hand of customers. 

How do i share my digital smart card?

Share your link, send via email, text message, messenger, printed materials...however you can possibly think to place and share your link or qr code anywhere and everywhere you can think of. Our tap tech cards and stickers make connecting and sharing as simple as a tap of a phone. The best part is that your clients/customers will be able to share out your app page just as easily. 

Can I have custom pages and links created?

Yes, this will be considered a customized item but we are capable of creating any sort of digital card that you are needing. Please inquire with full details of what you are needing and we will be happy to get you a price. 

Can this replace a website?

Yes, we have businesses that only need this as their online platform because they don't quite need a full fledged website. However, it works excellently to promote and highlight important links to an already existing website. 

WHat if I need to cancel?

We provide a monthly plan option where you are able to cancel at anytime. Simply email us with your order number and details. Please keep in mind the year rate allows you to save money but will not be prorated if cancelled within the year that it was purchased for. 

How long until I get my Wireless Tap Card and Phone sticker?

It will be sent out with the completion of your web app that will be tied to it. Please allow 7-14 business day from that point of the completion date. If you need it sooner please reach out to us and we'll see if we can try to accommodate a rush order. 

What materials are the wireless tap card and phone stickers made with?

The Tap Cards is a high quality Plastic card similar to the feel of a hotel key card or credit card and same durability. The phone sticker tags are a quality epoxy and scratch resistant. The adhesive is a high grade to make sure it adheres strongly to the backing of your phone case. 

How does the wireless tap tech work and will it work with any phone?

This tech although not new it is new to how it is being used in the business world. The use of our cards only requires the phones to able the NFC tech enabled and available to the phone. This will be determined by age of the phone and type. While most android based phones have this ability some are by default not turned on where as the newer iPhones are one by default. Also, notice the placement of the reader on the phone is different, iPhones typically have them on the top upper part where as Androids have it place on the lower half of the phone. 

Here are the version of phones that have the readers built into the phone. 

Remember our physical and digital card come with your dynamic QR Code to work as a backup incase you come across the tap not being compatible with the version of phone being used.  

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