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Who We Are?

Explore Local Apps is developed by Grow Local Marketing Team. A small marketing firm that has worked with hundreds of locally and family owned businesses. 

Over time we have developed hyper productive tools and services that are designed to work specifically for the needs of all locally and family owned businesses. We are dedicated in making sure we provide quality products and services that target the specific needs of our clients. We pride ourselves in bring individual attention to the needs of each and every single client we work with. 

What Is this Explore Local App About and What Makes it So Special?

Our progressive web apps that we develop allow anyone to quickly load, view, save and share across all platforms, no matter the device: Computer, Tablet or Phone. Our progressive web apps also bypasses the typical requirements of having to go to an app store to such as Google Play or the Apple Store to require an app to be downloaded.

Our Progress Web App can be instantly saved to any mobile device's home screen and appear just as a native app would, icon and all without the need of having to go through an app store.

Multi Ways To Share Simple & Instantly!

Since this is an advanced progressive web app, sharing this app is as simple as sharing out a direct application link: or

We also have a Dynamic QR Code that will instantly load this app to any phone, when scanned, making this incredibly easy to access and share out. Check it out here:

NEW to our services we also are utilizing our latest TAP Technology where sharing this app is as simple as tapping your phone to our special tags and cards to instantly load this app to any phone!

In addition to this, once loaded and saved to the phone directly, sharing is as simple as holding down the icon to be shared out via email, messages or how you so choose. 

Not only a Pandemic touch free friendly service but a resource to be helpful to all, locals, visitors and businesses. 

We do recognize the immediate need and importance of having digital presence in a world where it is essential in serving people from a distance which makes this app even more powerful in today's world.

Using this app will enable your customers to safely and instantly connect with the critical details of your business as well as making it easy to share out endless amount of times to others. 

Grow Local Now Marketing (previously known as Local Finds) wants you to know we are working hard to get this Explore Local App in the hands of locals and visitors! We are diligently working to compile all the details that people want to know on the go! In doing so we are providing listing services for FREE!!!

As we move forward with our launch of this progressive local app, we have several campaign ideas to help get this app into the hands of as many users as possible...we will do as much as we feasibly can but understand this will be exponential with the help from you.

Some ideas we intend on doing are giveaway gift card contests from our local businesses to providing free decals and stickers featuring a QR Code to make this a hands free type of application.

These decals will be given to anyone that would like to help with this movement of supporting local, along with doing social media profile frames and posts. These are just to name a few.  

We know this will be a group effort from both locals and businesses alike. Please let’s band together and make this an app people can rely on when connecting with their favorite local establishments - known and unknown.

In addition to the above, we are working for FREE and providing free basic listings to all local business that apply below through our form. 

To Claim Your FREE Local Listing 
on one of our local EXPLORE LOCAL Apps...
Fill Form Below!

( FREE for a limited time! )

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We will only connect with you if we have questions from this inquiry or if you have selected that you'd like more information about our additional services.
These currently are not in stock but as soon as they become available we will contact you to let you know.
Let us know topics you'd like to see us add in the near future and ways we can improve and make this better! We understand that the information is incomplete as we are working diligently everyday in improving this.

**There are of course other upgraded options to leverage more presence on our app but we want to be able to help out as many businesses as we possibly can during this time of need. 

We Know Local Because

Being a locally owned business, we understand the value and need for a strong online presence. Local Find Now strives to provide the most innovative online marketing tools that are effective and affordably priced.

Make sure to follow us for regular updates! We have a page and a small business group. We hope to see you there!

We also have many other types of products and services to help locally owned businesses leverage their online space and modernize their marketing needs. One is developing these amazing progressive web apps for businesses...converting your business to be on a mobile friendly, online platform that instantly connects with your customers in the most convenient, simple and affordable means possible!

We guarantee that we have tools that you didn’t even know existed! We know this because we have developed them ourselves to problem solve the every day challenges faced by locally owned small businesses.


What Is A Progressive App?

We've gone over some of what a Progressive app is about here but if you'd like know more, we've created a page dedicated to breaking down why we feel this is the better option for most small businesses and how often times better than a native store app. One main reason being the costs, as this style app can save businesses several thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars! Not to mention the time that is involved in developing them. (For example, if we would have chooses a native app option we would still be months out before being able to get this to you!)
Click Here to View More About Progressive Web Apps.

Is This Really For Free & For How Long?

Absolutely! We will make this be a complimentary service for as long as we possibly can. Keep in mind however that there is a small team of us working the hours of making this free service happen. In any case, we will always have our Free Directory option available that our app links to. We are here to serve you and doing our best to fill a need we feel, needs to be filled. 

How long will it take for my business to get added?

We will do our best to get these up right away. Most times it will take only a day or two but as we get busier with adding more and more, this time frame will obviously increase due to volume alone. However, if you do not see your business added after a weeks time feel free to reach out to us. 

What is the best way to share this out?

There are many ways to easily share this application to others. However, we are in the process of compiling a special page with professionally made up graphics to help you share this app through social media and email or text. There are a multitude of ways to be able to do it all comes down to which option works best for you.

How Do I Get Free Decals or Stickers?

These are still in the works. Simply make sure, when filling out our form, to check off that you'd be interested in receiving one to have for your window or door as soon as they become available. In which point, we will connect with you to either mail one out or deliver them. 

Can I get my information updated?

Absolutely. Keep in mind we prioritize new businesses over changes but as with how listings work...if you do not see changes within a work weeks time, please feel free to reach out to us. We do have in the works a way for users to be able to update their own information for when they need to.

What Happens to my Details after this limited free time is over?

All businesses will remain available on our directory website as a basic listing, in which our app will be designed to link out to for the overflow of businesses that are being added. Note that we are only doing a set amount of direct listed to our app listings. The rest will be added to our directory site and simply linked out from our app.

What are your upgraded services with this app?

We are in the process of compiling the pricing and structure of our upgrades. As we have time to get this completed there will be ways to advertise on this app on specific pages as well as being on our deals page and other resource links. More information will become available soon. Please note in the form that you are interested in receiving more details when applying for the free listing above. 

Where can I go to find out more about you and your services?

Feel free to contact us directly or click here for more information. We are always happy to help those in need. We look forward to helping you and serving you in whatever capacity we are able to. 

Do I have to be a local business to be listed or become a sponsor?

In order for you be be listed on our app you must 100% be a locally owned business. However, if you are not a local business but would like to sponsor our cause of supporting local small businesses then you are welcome to display our decals or stickers as well as share our app to those you feel would utilize it. If you are displaying our decal you will be represented on our sponsorship page and highlighted for free on our app. Thank you for supporting our Local QC!